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20 September 2016

“Chord Harmonisation” is now active

Jeff has provided the following information about this section.

In this section we are looking at that wondrous Wersi device, the WersiChord. We can use this feature either as an easy play facility, if you’re not good with chords, or as a means of obtaining a particular orchestral sound. The demos highlight the latter application.
In the first demo we feature the WersiChord Solo mode. Here we use a Wersichord Trumpet to play the top melody note of a chord, whilst filling in the lower notes with the Strings.
In the second demo we feature the WersiChord Duet mode. Here we use a WersiChord Piccolo to play the lower two notes of a three part harmonisation, and add in the same Piccolo sound for the melody.
In the final demo we feature the WersiChord Reed mode. Here we construct the classic Glenn Miller sound by using a WersiChord Saxophone to create the chords for the saxophone section, and add in a Clarinet and Saxophone for the melody.
Big Band enthusiasts might find the last demo somewhat nostalgic. Personally I don’t think nostalgia’s what it used to be!