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This page provides a series of Questions from Club Members about Jeff Ormerod’s series of articles called “Sound Quality”, together with Jeff’s Answers.



Q.  With the General Volume control switched off in the Output Mixer I get no sound or a different volume of sound from the organ when I select one of my total presets.


A.  This is usually caused by storing an output mixer preset in your total preset that is not the Standard preset. This output mixer preset could either be one that you have created or one of the predefined factory presets. If it has the General Volume control switched on then what you will hear will depend on the setting of the volume control on the console. If this is set to zero you will hear no sound, if it is set to maximum you may experience a sudden increase in sound if the gain control in the output mixer is set high.


There are two solutions to the problem depending on whether or not you wish to retain the offending output mixer preset. If you do, then open up the output mixer, select the relevant output mixer preset, switch off its General Volume control, adjust its gain control if necessary to an acceptable level and re-save. If you are happy to use the Standard preset instead then simply re-save your total preset with the ‘Mixer’ box unticked on the Save Total Preset menu. This will pick up the Standard preset by default.



Q.  I have set the General Volume control to Off in the Output Mixer, saved and set this as my Standard preset, but I find that it keeps being switched back on again when I select a total preset.


A.  This is essentially the same problem as detailed above. You will have an output mixer preset stored in your total preset which is not the Standard preset that you have created. All the factory supplied output mixer presets have the General Volume control switched on, as could one that you have created yourself. Therefore selecting a total preset containing an output mixer preset that has the General Volume activated will switch this control back on again when the total preset is loaded.


The solution is as detailed above, either modify the offending output mixer preset to switch off the General Volume control and re-save, or specify the Standard preset in your total preset.




Q.  I have set up the equaliser controls on my Abacus to the Warm, Rich and Full Bodied template pattern but I find that the speakers cannot handle the high levels of bass required.


A.  The specification of the sound reproduction systems varies across the OAS model range with the higher end models being more capable of handling the lower frequencies. The templates in the guidelines and the examples shown on the screenshots for the mixer menus have the equaliser controls set for near maximum intensity. These settings are approaching the limit of even the higher end models in the product range. The important criteria in setting up the equaliser is the vertical position of the pattern shape rather than any given fixed dB value for the slider controls.


The solution is to begin by positioning the pattern such that the bass slider is set at around the  0 dB level, the other sliders therefore will be below this level,  then gradually move the pattern upwards until you reach the limit of what the instrument can handle.


It’s also worth noting that several Abacus users have opted to mute the internal speaker system and connect external speakers instead. With a good pair of speakers capable of handling the extensive frequency range that the instrument can deliver you will find that the equaliser controls can be set higher resulting in a marked improvement in sound quality.