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Wonderful Land

This package consists of:

• A Total Preset for this Shadows song :

• An mp3 demonstration of this Total Preset on a Wersi Verona :

• A Style for downloading and importing into your Wersi organ for loading into the Total Preset (OAA only, OAS-7.1 R30 minimum) :

• A document containing details of the way this Total Preset is set up, including some data about the Style and an edited Sound plus some Sub-Presets for you to replicate yourself :

A reminder that the Style and the Total Preset should be downloaded into your computer (straight onto a memory stick is quickest) using the “Save Target As...” routine.  The mp3 Demo will play as soon as you click on it, using your default media player.  The document will open up as soon as you click on it if you have Adobe Reader installed.

August 2008

The above title is a link to the mp3 audio demonstration.

There is also a pdf file (Auld Lang Syne Total Preset) which explains how the Total Preset used is set up.

December 2008

The above title is a link to the mp3 audio demonstration.  This is a demonstration of producing a .wav file recording on a Wersi instrument and then using that file as the Accompaniment to another Total Preset which is used to play along with the .wav file.  In this instance, the original recording is an organ/orchestral rendition of the last two verses of the carol using two Total Presets.  While that recording was playing back, a third Total Preset was used with which to play the descant.

There is also a pdf file (Adeste Fideles) which explains how the three Total Presets are set up.

December 2008

Easter Eggs 2009

The following two mp3 files were provided as “Easter Eggs” on our Home Page in April, 2009. They have now been transferred here as demonstrations of the Total Presets details given in our WersiClub-UK.Focus website.

May 2009
The MultiRecorder

This new optional feature was first made available with Revision 40 where it was offered for 16 trials. Subsequently Revision 41 provided a further 15 trials so there has been plenty of opportunity to try it out. After an initial “dabble” with it to assess how each part worked, I started on a simple project and, after just 90 minutes, it was finished. It’s only a “First Attempt”, but I thought you may be interested in how I got on. Therefore you can listen to an mp3 file of that attempt by downloading it from the link below.

Yes, it’s the Poni-Tails’ hit of the late Fifties. I obviously need to keep a sharper eye on the conductor at the start but the great thing about this software is that any track can be re-recorded without affecting any other track: except the Rhythm track, which really has to be laid down first. However, if that’s wrong in any way it’s likely to come to light as soon as you record the second track. Here’s a breakdown of the seven tracks involved:

Tr 1 = Rhythm (Slow Rock 4 from the Roland G1000)
Tr 2 = Tune (Stratocaster and Heaven Piano)
Tr 3 = Organ (an OX7 Preset I've called "Born Too Late")
Tr 4 = Bass (PedalBass + Strings 1)
Tr 5 = Sax (Tenor Sax F)
Tr 6 = Strings/Vocal
Tr 7 = Digital Choir

I’ve also deleted Tracks 2, 4 and 6 and saved the result as an Accompaniment WAV file so I can still play along with it. The software itself is very easy to use (but see “Did You Know?” for August 2009). A considerable amount of planning is needed to set up the Total Presets to use (the full instrument being available for each track) and arranging the music. Each of these extends further the ways of using a Wersi instrument, and so providing more fun! That planning was rather cursory in “Born Too Late”; I merely used the Total Preset I already had set up for that song. I’ve already started more detailed planning for my next projects.

I hope this “priming of the pump” may encourage some members to join in the sharing of experiences with the MultiRecorder by sending in accounts of what you’ve done plus an mp3 file or two. It would be great to be able to set up a whole page devoted to the MultiRecorder with the October edition of our site.

August 2009