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Right Side

Sound Buttons, Tempo/Data Wheel, Transpose Buttons, Power Switch

The Sound Buttons are arranged in banks according to genre.  These banks are labelled:
Organ (6 buttons), Percussion (6 buttons), Ensemble (6 buttons), Brass (9 buttons), Traditional (6 buttons), Synthesizer (6 buttons) and Pedal (3 buttons). There are many further sounds within the Wersi database than are mapped here under these Sound buttons.

To the right of the Pedal bank is the Power On/Off switch.

To the left of the Organ bank is the Tempo/Data Wheel which allows quick navigation through drop-down lists and selection of values etc in the Touch Screen.

Below the Tempo/Data Wheel are the three Transposer buttons which can also be used for altering the value within a highlighted box on the Touch Screen.

Upper Manual Drawbars

These range from 16’ through to 1’.

Lower Manual Drawbars

These range from 8’ through to 1’ (not the 5 1/3’).
The Wersi Verona GS500 : A Visual Tour
The Wersi Verona GS500 : A Visual Tour
There is also a floppy disc drive (or a panel of four USB sockets on more recent instruments) just to the left of the volume control sliders and a CD-writer/DVD-player just below the Rhythm Controls.

The rear of the instrument contains audio input/output sockets, microphone sockets, USB sockets and Midi sockets.  There are also sockets for serial and parallel interfaces, printer, computer keyboard and mouse.
Wersi Instruments
The pictures below contain labels of the main areas of the top panel of the Verona.  A brief description of each area is given.