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WersiClub UK.Focus is the title of our website which caters specifically for our UK members.

It is run by Ken Belton.

It can be found at:


On that site you will find:
A Concert Calendar of UK Wersi Artistes
Information about Wersi Service in the UK
A Members’ Comments Section
A Members’ Help Desk
Many other items of particular relevance to UK Members
Club Member Bill Gray is very familiar to all other members for his very useful technical contributions, not just to our Club but to other Wersi Forums also. He has recently upgraded his Abacus to OAS-7 and has provided us with a review of the software. You can read his review on our UK.Focus site.

December 2008
Ken has now added some new templates for members to use when sending in their Total Presets. Let’s ensure we make good use of this facility for telling each other how to set up some of our own favourite Total Presets. I hope to have something for Ken to place on the site in April. Why don’t you join me or even beat me to it? See the panel below for details.

March 2009
Total Preset-User Templates
Blank templates for creating your own Total Presets can be downloaded by right clicking the mouse on the sample template below, then “Save Target As” for IE, or “Save Link As” for FIREFOX. Updated 6 June 2010 - this download is now a Word 97-03 document.
Total Preset Templates Produced for WersiClub by Ken Belton
The templates are designed so that we can share and learn from each others sound combinations and settings for any given song. Please do have a try. It is not necessary to get too “high tech” with the arrangements if that is not your “forte.”  We all probably use different sound combinations and styles for the same piece of music it would be good just to hear the many different variations.
If “high tech” is your “forte” then the sky’s the limit as the Wersi is infinitely “editable”. To try to establish the idea I have made a few templates that cover many of the settings of the “Selectors” and “Accompaniment” screens. If however you use many of the advanced editing features and feel additional templates are needed to cater for these then do please let me know and I will add them if it possible within the limits of the exercise.
The Templates can be printed out to take to the organ for convenient filling in then the data transferred to the Word Doc. on the computer ready to e.mail back to me for inclusion on the site as a PDF file.