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We shall provide on this page some examples of Styles which have been edited by Members.  These will be in the form of links to files containing the information ready to be inserted directly into your instrument via a floppy disk (each file will be approx 100kB), CD-RW or Memory Stick.

To access these files, right-click on the link and, according to your browser:

Internet Explorer - select “Save Target as...”;
Moxilla Firefox - select “Save Link as...”.

Choose an appropriate folder on your hard disk or a memory stick (quickest if you subsequently insert the stick into your organ’s USB socket for transfer).
Analog Ballad - Ed C1 : An Edited Wersi Style

OAA Instruments Only [OAS-7.1 R30]

This is an edited version of an original eponymous Wersi Style (F0018).  The Style (select the blue title above to download it) can then be imported into your Wersi instrument for you to investigate in conjunction with the article about how it was edited.  This article can be found below in the panel “Analogue Ballad (F0018)”.
Venus in Blue Jeans [OAS-7.1 R30]
There are six OAA edited Styles to download here which can be inserted into the Total Preset of this song.  You can then choose at any time which Style to use when playing the song, or any other song where the Styles and Sounds fit.  The editing has been quite simple and did not involve any Midi editing at all.
8 Beat Guitar Pop
Piano Ballad
Easy Pop
Light Pop
Pop Ballad 1
The OAS revision used to produce each Style is stated in square brackets in each case. Ensure you do not import any Style into an earlier OAS-7.1 revision.
This article provides an overview of the Styles Editing facilities within the OAA.  It relates to the nine OAA-derived Styles used in the Ballad 85 OAA Total Preset available for downloading on our Total Presets
Analog Ballad (F0018) - Editing this Wersi Style

This is an original Wersi Style.  This article (select the blue title above to download it) describes how it was edited to produce the version available to download at:
Downloads > Edited Styles