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This page contains items of News which have appeared in the “Latest News” panel on the Home Page during the previous twelve months.

2 November 2015


WersiClub International is now gearing itself up to be able to include coverage of the new Wersi Sonic instruments. Ken now has a Sonic on order and has started a brand new and exciting Sonic section on our Wersi UK.Focus website. Do pay that a visit.


26 August 2015


We have received information from a Wersi Direct subsidiary company called Crimson Wave which provides software for OAS-7.


27 May 2015


The latest addition to Jeff Ormerod’s Wersi Organ Showcase focuses on the Rhythm Designer package. You can read what Jeff says about this latest entry on our Wersi Organ Showcase page where there is also a link to Jeff’s website. The Rhythm Designer package is a very useful addition to OAS-7 and Jeff’s work on this presentation is much appreciated.


6 February 2015


We have just received an application for membership of our Club from someone who bought a Sonic in December. As far as I know he is our first member with a Sonic. Are there any other members who have bought this instrument? If so, do please let me know.



The new member referred to above is Manfred Ruhnke who lives near Mannheim in Germany. He has kindly offered to answer any questions a Club member may have about the Sonic.