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An audio file and documentation about the Total Presets used.
The first Information file is in MS Word format and the second is in PDF format.
We shall provide on this page some examples of Members playing their own Wersi Instrument, or demonstrating some aspect of it.  The file provided should be in mp3 format, using 192kb/s as the highest bitrate.  128kb/s is also acceptable, of course, but this should be viewed as the lowest bitrate to use.

We should also like some information about the various settings you will have used.  This will be of interest to other Members.  This can be in Word format or in PDF format.
This is a Demonstration of the Total Preset Download of the same name using the edited Style “Piano Ballad”, available with five other edited Styles from
Because this mp3 file is designed to demonstrate the Style particularly, the music has been played “Keyboard Style”: without use of the pedalboard and the sounds of the Lower Manual have been muted.
An information pdf file about the settings for this Total Preset plus some information about the six OAA edited Styles for this song can also be downloaded here:
This first appeared in August 2008 as my response to the appalling summer weather we’d been having in the UK.  It was based on a Midi-File, of which there are hundreds available, quite free, on the internet. The lead and bass tracks were muted so I could play them myself plus I added a sustained Lower Manual sound. Terry Bolger’s series of articles “To Midi or Not to Midi...” was the inspiration for me to investigate the world of Midi-Files, something I’d never done before. If that area is new to you I can recommend it as yet another way to gain tremendous enjoyment from playing a Wersi instrument.

September 2008
Scala Videos from David Dunlap
David hails from Florida, USA, and has recently bought a Wersi Scala. We have links on this page to all the videos he has provided on YouTube. He has produced two videos specially for us and you can view them from the following links:
This is a first for WersiClub International: to have a direct link to videos. I’m sure you will enjoy watching and listening to David playing his much-loved Wersi Scala.
May 2009
David Dunlap’s OpenArt Orchestra

David Dunlap’s OpenArt Orchestra


Some Claudia Hirschfeld Videos, showing an interesting use of the Wersi Louvre to accompany opera singers.

Ach, ich hab in meinem Herzen da drinnen by Liech and Schultze (from Peter Black).
Vor meinem Vaterhaus steht eine Linde  A Folk Song by Robert Stolz.
Schön ist die Welt by Franz Lehar (from Beautiful the World).
Frühlingsstimmen-Walzer by Johann Strauss.
Dein ist mein (ganzes) Herz by Franz Lehar (from The Land of Smiles).
Lippen schweigen by Franz Lehar (from The Merry Widow).

I have to play this for one of my grandsons whenever he visits. I therefore recorded it for him. It uses the Style “Sci-fiMarch.S333” from the Yamaha stable. The title is the link to the mp3 file.

January 2015