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From the Wersi-Germany series, “Tipps und Tricks”
[in English]

Tipps und Tricks : Tip 1 - the OAS

Tipps und Tricks : Tip 3 - Total Presets
From the “Hints and Tips” Series

Hints and Tips - 1
A Review of OAS-7

This is a repeat of an article I wrote over a year ago for another site where it exists no more.

OAS-7 : An Introductory Tour
From Club Members Murry Bubar and Lloyd Erickson

How to Download and Import OAS-7 Updates

July 2008
Murry Bubar’s Review of the New Sounds in OAS-7.1 Revision 35

Here is a personal view from Murry of the new sounds given free with R35. It includes a summary of how to map these sounds and can be obtained as a pdf file from the following link:

OAS-7.1 R35 New Sounds

November 2008

Many manufacturers of organs/keyboards provide OTS on-board, whereby the user selects a particular piece of music or style and there are then immediately four full Registrations (Total Presets) available to use at the press of a single button each.  Wersi provides such a feature on the Apollo but has not, as yet, provided this facility on its other instruments.

This article uses the Variation Presets feature which Wersi has provided to allow the user to make up their own OTS system. It is DIY but that then allows the user to employ their own sounds and styles which may be unique to their Wersi instrument.

I should be interested in your feedback on this so do let me know your thoughts.

March 2009

1 May 2009 : Please note that the Variation Presets procedure works only with Styles and not with Midi-Files or other formats which can be loaded into the Styles slot of a Total Preset.
VST Instruments

This article is written by our technical expert, Bill Gray.

He covers what a VST is, what types there are and how to install a VST into a Wersi instrument. He then explains how to access it once loaded.

There are several links in the article to sites which give examples and demonstrations.

The title of this panel is the link to download the pdf file of Bill’s article.

December 2009

This linnk appeared in the Home Page “Latest” Panel during November/December 2009.

Bill supplied us with this translation of Wersi’s Information Sheet which explains all about the VB3.

Sound Quality

Club Member Jeff Ormerod has been working hard behind the scenes to provide us with five Articles about how to set up your Wersi instrument in order to obtain an optimum sound quality. These are fascinating Articles which explain, in a highly professional presentation, exactly how to adjust the many settings available, especially those under the Mixer and Outputs tabs. Having only recently explored these very features for Articles 13 and 14 of my “New to OAS-7?” series, I am still in the process of reading Jeff’s Articles with much interest. I am sure you will find them equally fascinating and I thoroughly recommend them to you.

As usual, each title is a link to download the relevant pdf Article.

February 2010

Here is a link to a Q&A page about Jeff’s Articles and the procedures included within them:.

Selector Plus

Manual in English
Material provided by Bill Gray:
Information Sheet in English

July 2010
This Article is by Bill Gray and it is a definitive document explaining how to use external Midi equipment with a Wersi instrument.

August 2010

This is a short series of two articles explaining the process of Mapping Sounds and Styles to the buttons.

1.  The Concept of Mapping and Adjustment of the User Mappings. [August 2010]

2.   Using Additional User Mappings in Total Presets  [October 2010]
OAS Members’ Wish List

Factory Lists




a) In Excel 1997-2003 Format


This contains three sheets:

i) Alphabetical sequence by Name

ii) By Midi Prg No sequence

iii) By instrument category sequence.


This format has the advantage that you can adjust the sheets yourself as Wersi adds sounds and include your own User Edited Sounds if you wish.


b) In PDF Format


There are three files downloadable from the following links:

Alphabetical sequence by Name

By Midi Prg No. sequence

By instrument category




a) In Excel 1997-2003 Format


This contains two sheets:

i) Alphabetical sequence by Name

ii) By Wersi Factory database number sequence


b) In PDF Format


Two files are downloadable from the following links:

Alphabetical sequence by Name

By Wersi Factory Database No.


NB. The database numbers are preceded by “F” for Standard Factory Styles and by “FR” for Factory REAL Styles.


1 November 2008