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Murry Bubar has now updated his Wersi Scala Classical/Theatre organ.  On the General Articles page there is a pdf file which Murry produced to explain how he has added various items to his Scala to turn it into a full Classical and Theatre organ. If you’ve not already read that article it would help to do so in order to understand his unique arrangement.

Here is a photograph of his original arrangement.
Now here is a picture of how Murry has modified his arrangement to make it even better to use. Murry has added:

You may recall that the Artisan part of the organ was in a cabinet on the floor to the left of the Wersi, and the amps etc were in a cabinet to the right of the Wersi. Now all of that is gone and the whole thing is on a movable platform and the Artisan is integrated into/onto the Wersi.

It makes my room look a whole lot neater and the Artisan buttons are now much more accessible. The Classical side of the Artisan is in the left box and the Theatre side of the Artisan is in the right box. They both mix very well with the sounds in the Wersi.
December 2008
Murry Bubar’s Wersi Scala Classical/Theatre Organ
Murry Bubar’s Wersi Scala Classical/Theatre Organ