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An Article by Robert New

The Drumsets can be edited in “Settings” > “Edit Drumsets”

Extensive editing is possible, even to individual instruments and their position on the keyboard when selecting “Manual Drums” or placing a Drumset as a sound in a Manual or the Pedalboard.
The Drumsets1 Package

December 2010

The following five pdf downloads are available.

1. The first of two articles about the Drumsets:

2. The Wersi list of percussion instruments available:

3. A list of all the Drumsets with the instruments contained in each allocated to the relevant key:

4. An explanatory document about some of the percussion instruments used:

5. A grid showing which instruments in the Wersi list are used in which Drumsets.

6. An additional sound (mp3) file demonstrating one result of changing the Drumset instruments in the 01 Standard 1 XG Drumset as used in the Wersi style 8 Beat 1.

Here is an addendum I received from Bill Gray after he had read the above articles (thank you, Bill):

The Wersi instrument is a 24 bit sound system, so you are not limited to the old (CD Quality) 16 bit sound (Wav) samples.
The Style editor only works with the OAA, if you have the standard Style system you have to export the style as a Midi file, load the Midi file into the sequencer, edit the style, import the edited Midi file back into the style system and finally assign the sounds.
Note 1: If you have the EMC Style works program (The proper one NOT the Wersi disaster) it is easier to edit using this for the old style system.
Note 2: If you have upgraded from OAS 6 or below, (And have not installed from the new image disc) you can also use the supplied Cubasis to do the editing. (You will need to go onto the Windows Desktop to use it as the buttons are removed from the settings screen in OAS 7).

February 2011

There is one pdf file to download to complete this series:

In this final article in this series, the operations covered in the first article come to fruition when they are used to provide five keys at the lowest end of the Upper Manual which will play pre-determined percussion sounds.
The 2012 Drumset Editor

Creating a New Drumset
by Bill Gray

Comparing the New Editor with the Old
by Bill Gray