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The New PLUS Generation of Wersi Instruments.

This article was translated from the German release and first appeared on 20 September, 2007.

The new PLUS Generation of Wersi Instruments
The OpenArt System.

This article was originally provided by Uli Wildhack, Wersi MD, in English, and first appeared on 2 July, 2007.

True Pianos VST

This article was provided by WersiClub International Member Bill Gray and first appeared on 27 September, 2007.

True Pianos VST
The Launch of the Apollo

This article originally appeared in September, 2007


The Launch of WersiClub International

This post first appeared on 14 September, 2007.

WersiClub International Launch
Windows Driver Problem Solved

This post first appeared on 26 March, 2008

Windows Driver Problem Solved
OAS-7 v25 Initial Foray

This post first appeared on 2nd January, 2008 and contains information about the optional new Drumsets.

OAS-7 v25 Initial Foray
A Cautionary Tale

This post first appeared on 30 March, 2008

A Cautionary Tale

Launch of WersiClub UK Focus

This post first appeared on 19 March, 2008

Launch of WersiClub UK Focus
Music Inferno

The music of Madonna, by Robert New

This post first appeared on 25 September, 2007

Music Inferno
Instrument Repairs and Service (UK)

This post first appeared on 8 December, 2007

Instrument Repairs and Service

NB: Paul Miller is no longer available
OAS-7.1 v30 New Sounds

Information about the new sounds given with this update

This post first appeared on 17 March, 2008

V30 New Sounds
Wersi Newsletter, December 2007

This post first appeared on 15 December, 2007

Wersi Newsletter, December 2007
Price List for Latest Upgrades

This post first appeared on 7 October, 2007

Price List for Upgrades, 2007