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The OAS Technology Upgrade Project


Update: 20 September 2016


We now have a page dedicated to this exciting new project. It has replaced the Sonic page (please see below for further information about this).  Here is a direct link to that page though it also appears in the navigation menus under ‘OAS-7’.


The OAS Technology Upgrade Project Direct Link

There is a Pegasus Wing Page on our UK.Focus site, with a video demonstration.
There is a Pegasus Wing Page on our UK.Focus site, with a video demonstration.
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What has been updated?
17 Oct 2016
‘Latest News’
‘Latest News’
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23 May
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WersiClub UK.Focus
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22 June 2016

David Dunlap : Rhapsody in Blue at the UCC Florida Conference


4 June 2016

Claudia Hirschfeld on Langstraat TV


16 October 2014

Two videos from Claudia Hirschfeld in Vienna:


Highland Cathedral


15 July 2014

Four videos from Claudia Hirschfeld, recorded at the Odysseum, Cologne.

Contrasts. Claudia’s signature tune, composed by her. Her video recording of it at the Cornish Salt Mine is on all Wersi organs.

Einsamer Hirte (The Lonely Shepherd). In James Last style and with live Panpipes.

Paradiesvogel (Bird of Paradise). The James Last song with live Panpipes.

Moliendo Café.


22 April 2014

David Dunlap has just released “Easter Parade” on You Tube. Don’t forget, David will be performing at this year’s Oktoberfest.


23 March 2013

Wersi Direct has just released three videos on YouTube to demonstrate the many features of the Wersi Louvre. Each video is nearly 15 minutes long and all three are definitely in the “required viewing” category for anyone who wishes to know how Wersi instruments work, as well as for those of us who already own a Wersi as there’s always something to learn from the experts. Most of the features demonstrated are also available on the Scala and Verona. The playing demonstrations are by Brett Wales - so why are you waiting? Here are the links to use: [A free DVD of this video is available from Wersi Direct]


Wersi Louvre Demonstration - Part 1


Wersi Louvre Demonstration - Part 2


Wersi Louvre Demonstration - Part 3


24 December 2012

David Dunlap: Deck the Hall with Ding Dongs (Merrily)


22 December 2012

Robert Bartha plays the Louvre (9 minutes of entertainment)

Another from David Dunlap: The Christmas Song


17 December 2012 (updated 20 Dec)

David Dunlap’s Christmas contributions:

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


8 December 2012

From Dunlap and Pennington, excerpt from Rhapsody in Blue.


30 November 2012

Dunlap and Pennington, Concert Artists, play

Cumaná by Barclay Allen.


23 November 2012

Brett Wales at the Basildon Keyboard Club


20 October 2012

Another from Chris Hopkins at the Louvre.


17 October 2012

Chris Hopkins at the Louvre (from the Blackpool Tower, now in Chris’ home).


10 October 2012

Wersi at the 2012 OKEY Festival, with accompaniment from Robert Bartha.

Claudia Hirschfeld Rock ‘n’ Roll Concert at the Wersi Netherlands Showroom Opening.

Claudia Hirschfeld again at the Netherlands Showroom Opening (starts 1:18).

Claudia Hirschfeld plays the Louvre and Pegasus Wing.


23 August 2012

Besame Mucho, from David Dunlap, using the Franz Lambert 2 package.


12 August 2012

David Dunlap is definitely on a production line now, but we’re not complaining - no way!

Livin' La Vida Loca is his latest.


8 August 2012

David Dunlap is on a roll! Here are two more you’re going to love!

Time on My Hands



6 August 2012

Yet another great arrangement by David Dunlap: I Can See Clearly Now


3 August 2012

Two more amazing arrangements by David Dunlap, played on his OpenArt Orchestra, otherwise known as the Wersi Scala:

Puttin’ on The Ritz



26 July 2012

Andrew Varley : Non Ti Scorda Di Me, played on the Abacus Duo.


20 May 2012

David Dunlap : The Windmills of Your Mind and My Way


21 April 2012

More videos from Music Store, taken at the recent Musikmesse:

Robert Bartha (and Lisa Scheuring - vocal) :

The Greatest Love of All

Claudia Hirschfeld :

Live and Let Die


Star Wars

See from the last three what you’ll be missing if you don’t come to the Oktoberfest this year!


8 April 2012

David Dunlap : A Night Like This. Interesting use of the Manual Sustain on a piston or kick-switch.


6 April 2012

David Dunlap : Green Eyes. Great, as usual.


28 March 2012

Music Store has begun loading videos of the Musikmesse 2012 onto its You Tube TV Channel, including a couple of Claudia Hirschfeld playing the Louvre.


25 March 2012

Robert Bartha on Wersi Louvre, at the Musikmesse. Notified by Bill Gray.


22 January 2012

Red Roses for a Blue Lady” from David Dunlap: arranging and playing to aspire to.


30 December 2011

A truly splendid arrangement by David Dunlap of “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”.


22 December 2011


Jingle Bells, a seasonal greeting from Dunlap and Pennington. It’s an audio mp3 file.


13 December 2011

To get you into the Christmas spirit, do have a look at David Dunlap’s Christmas video “We Need a Little Christmas”. Three cameras are now being used to great effect.


5 November 2011

Congratulations to David Dunlap on his 70th You Tube video : Tico Tico.


3 November 2011

David Dunlap : A medley from “Hello, Dolly!”, highly entertaining and informative as usual.


9 October 2011

David Dunlap : A fascinating presentation of Enough is Enough / No More Tears.


19 September 2011

David Dunlap : A splendid arrangement and performance of Ànema e Core (With All My Heart and Soul).


11 September 2011

David Dunlap : A special 9/11 commemorative performance of Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings.


30 August 2011

David Dunlap : The beautiful aria O Mio Babbino Caro, from the opera "Gianni Schicchi" by Giacomo Puccini.


26 August 2011

David Dunlap : The Lost Chord by Arthur Sullivan.


22 August 2011

David Dunlap : Master of the House from Les Miserables.

Klaus Wunderlich : Live on the Wersi Helios, 1984, from Pebble Mill at One.

Klaus Wunderlich : Live on the Wersi Spectra CD, at the Frankfurt Musikmesse.

[There is a considerable number of Klaus Wunderlich videos on You Tube : enjoy.]


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17 October 2016


There is a new website ‘Wersi USA’. It has been produced by our most recent USA member quite independently and it is not a part of WersiClub International. It is very professionally constructed and is well worth a regular visit. There is a permanent link to it on our ‘Links’ page under ‘Members’ Websites’.


20 September 2016


The next section of the Wersi Organ Showcase website is now available to read on the website. There is additional information about this from Jeff on our Wersi Organ Showcase page.


11 March 2016


Wersi Direct has produced a short video to celebrate their six years of trading and to thank customers for their support. It can be viewed here.


7 March 2016


An explanation by Wersi Direct as to why the company uses Facebook as a means of communication is available to read here.


Latest from Wersi Direct


2 September: The September Podcast is available to hear


11 July: The July Newsletter is available for download.








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20 September 2016
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Watch this space for further details as they are received from Wersi Direct.

Full details will be available from the Wersi Direct website
The Sonic and the OAX Range of Instruments

This site is dedicated to the OAS-7 range of instruments so will, from now on, contain only brief references to the OAX technology in the ‘Wersi Room’ pages. Our WersiClub UK.Focus website, run by Ken Belton who now is the proud owner of a Sonic 600, will be your point of call for all things Sonic and OAX. In addition to our existing members’ register, Ken has now started a new 'sub register' specifically for the Sonic OAX range of instrument owners. So if you are having a new Sonic OAX instrument or are having your existing instrument upgraded to OAX spec, do contact Ken to join the 'WersiClub OAX Register'. If you are an existing member who has changed or upgraded your instrument to Sonic OAX please let us know so we can update our records.
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